Grilling With Sonny and Bobby Flay!
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Grilling With Sonny | Cooking Show & Recipes

Sonny & Bobby on the Food Network Show!
Ralph "Sonny"Aloisio & Bobby Flay

Ralph "Sonny" Aloisio was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1950.  The family moved to Westbury, New York in 1955 where he lived until 1968.  Ralph attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Ralph has 2 children David and Danielle who were raised in Dix Hills, New York.  Ralph has lived in Fort Myers, Florida for the last eight years.  To learn more about "Sonny" and how he has become one of the Gulf Coast's top home chefs go to the "About Sonny" page and learn how you to can share your cooking secrets and recipes with more than just your friends and family!

Grilling With Sonny
Ralph "Sonny" Aloisio

Fort Myers, Florida